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BMWC Wins Crystal Eagle Award

BMWC Eagle with Polian

BMWC received several awards at the 2014 MICCS safety awards banquet, including the coveted Crystal Eagle Award. The Excellence in Safety Award is known as the “Crystal Eagle” and is the highest honor that MICCS can bestow upon a company. We have now won the Crystal Eagle four times individually as well as once with our… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

Safety Week 2014 Tip 4

Fall Prevention Approximately a third of all injuries reported happen in the home, and they tend to hit small children and elderly adults the most.  Falls are the number one cause of home injuries and death in the US.  The two groups most at risk for falls are children younger than 5 and adults over… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

Safety Week 2014 Tip 3

State Farm conducted an online survey and reported the following: 1 in 5 people admitted to surfing the Internet while driving. Most of them reported accessing the net when stopped at a stop light or in heavy traffic. They also said they commonly surf the web while driving alone, during the day, or on long… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

Safety Week 2014 Tip 2

Safety in the garage A common practice that takes place during this time of year is the dreaded task of spring cleaning of garages.   As you are doing your spring cleaning, please take into consideration the storage of chemicals and poisons.  Everyone has them, but are they stored properly?  Some quick statistics. 838 children ages… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

Safety Week 2014 Tip 1

In support of Safety Week 2014,  BMWC is sending out a Safety Tip each day that pertains to safety at home. It is important to understand that safety doesn’t end when you leave a job site, it is just as important to practice safety at home with your family. Safety tip #1 is in regards to lawn mower safety.  Most of us have some sort of… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

BMWC is proud to represent Safety Week 2014 (May 4-10). Our company, along with 30 of the largest construction companies around the world, are working together to share ideas and celebrate safety throughout the construction world. Because we care about the welfare of every employee at BMWC, we’re excited to be a part of a national… Continue reading.