Cooling Refinery Tower Improvement Project

Setting Two Cooling Towers in a Working Refinery

Gulf Coast Refinery project Lift in air refinery near meBMWC was challenged to perform the setting of (2) 15’ x 52’ cooling tower unit sections within an active, working refinery vessel. The original plan to set the modules included a piece of equipment that had to be fabricated, which would have pushed back the completion date.

Pushing back the schedule wasn’t an option because other projects couldn’t be completed until the cooling tower unit sections were set. BMWC provided a rigging solution to set the units in the refinery without disrupting the power lines or other projects.

BMWC’s crew was responsible for
  • The Coordination of a 550-ton crane
  • Submitting an Engineer lift plan for approval
  • Site prep work needed to meet the project soil compaction requirements removal of the HVAC/scrubber units.
How does BMWC remain A Leading Oil Refinery Company?

BMWC ironworkers, carpenters, laborers and operators constantly worked together to complete the project within a very tight schedule. All projects take time and working as a team is how BMWC continues to be an example to other refinery construcion companies.

The refinery turnaround for this job was completed within one week with the critical lift taking place over a weekend. We are proud to report that this project was completed without injury or incident, and it was completed on schedule and under budget as well.

BMWC is a refinery contractor that was proud to partner with Lifting Gear Hire Corp to do a case study about the Modular Spreader Beams used on the project. The case study was published in Smart Solutions Magazine. Click here to read the article.


Reach out to a BMWC representative that specializes in refinery contracting at location near you. We have several locations nationwide including the: West Coast, Gulf Coast, and the Midwest. BMWC offers more than what the average refinery companies offer. We have several other industrial construction services to meet various needs. This ensures that customers with multiple scopes of work can count on us.


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