BMWC Receives OSHA’s Mobile Workforce VPP Star Status

Over a decade ago, BMWC Constructors became the first construction company in Indiana to receive OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) certification at a fixed facility. VPP approved sites are committed to higher safety standards beyond the requirements of OSHA standards. The average VPP worksite has a lost workday incident rate more than 50% below the average of its industry. In return, OSHA removes VPP participants from programmed inspection lists.

BMWC’s commitment to safety excellence did not stop with the OSHA VPP achievement. Ten years later BMWC decided to apply for OSHA’s Mobile Workforce Voluntary Protection Program. The VPP Mobile Workforce approval differs from the VPP fixed facility approval because it allows the approved company to take their VPP Mobile Status with them wherever they are working.

BMWC is now OSHA VPP certified at any jobsite throughout the state of Indiana. The original VPP status received in 2004 was for a single, fixed facility location. BMWC is one of the first construction company in Indiana to achieve OSHA’s VPP Mobile Workforce Star Status. The VPP program has many elements that get evaluated by the Department of Labor (OSHA) and third party assessors. One key element that is evaluated is the commitment of management and employees towards the continuous improvement of employee health and safety.

Before BMWC was awarded OSHA’s VPP Mobile Workforce Star Status, the VPP assessment team reviewed all written programs, employee Task Hazard Analyses (THA), and conducted numerous formal and informal interviews with all levels of employees. During the course of the evaluation, the team visited both offices in Indiana, visited all fab shops in Indiana, and conducted random site tours at various customer sites.

“This achievement proves the commitment that everyone at BMWC has towards ensuring everyone goes home safely. This is not an award given to the safety department of BMWC, although I am very proud of them as well, but rather this is an achievement of the entire company from the first year apprentice to even those employees who have retired that started building the safety culture within BMWC. Without the high caliber of all BMWC employees many things we accomplish would not be possible,” EH&S Director Clay West says.


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