Giving Back to the Troops for Armed Forces Day


In honor of Armed Forces Day and National Military Appreciation Month, BMWC coordinated company-wide fundraising events in an effort to support an Indianapolis-based army unit. The company aimed to collect $3,000, and ended up surpassing this goal by $1,000 to earn a grand total of $4,000 for the troops. Employees of BMWC’s many offices and jobsites from across the country came together to show their appreciation for the armed forces and their sacrifices. All the money collected by BMWC will be used to purchase items that the 59-member unit requested. BMWC’s corporate offices opted to host numerous activities in order to collect additional funds, and based on the pictures they’ve shared (above), some events were a lot of fun, too! Team members participated in “Pie in the Face” and salsa making contests, a bake sale, cornhole and ping pong tournaments, and other physical competitions that included performing push-ups and pull-ups, as well as arm wrestling.


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