BMWC featured in The Voice magazine

The official publication of the Construction Users’ Roundtable, “The Voice,” recently highlighted BMWC Constructors amongst its pages. The magazine commended the company for its long history of excellence and dedication to its clients. Notably, BMWC’s “Safety for Life” program was recognized as a main factor that has positively impacted its safety record, which boasts over 18 million consecutive work hours without a lost-time injury.

Also applauded were the company’s philanthropic endeavors and willingness to participate in the communities in which it is active. This includes both well-known national charitable organizations as well as local ones that directly impact the surrounding area. Through varied donation, fundraising and volunteer efforts, BMWC’s commitment to the community is constantly made evident.

Innovative construction approaches adopted by BMWC were detailed as well; these include lean construction, a workflow process that invites collaboration from all invested in a given project to reduce waste, as well as the company’s Client Value-Added Program (CVAP). CVAP works to illustrate the steps taken by BMWC to provide the greatest value to each of its corporate partners, generating savings of over $23 million as a result. BMWC’s Virtual design technologies and the Turnover Package System (TOPS) provide inventive means of bringing projects to life and monitoring them through every step of completion thereafter and help to set BMWC apart.

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