Preparing for the Future – BMWC Constructors Announces Succession Plan

BMWC Constructors is pleased to announce the following leadership changes as they continue their strategic growth plan for the future.

Jim B. Davis, Chairman of the Board, will be stepping down after eight (8) years in that role and retiring after having led the company through significant growth, profitability and mentorship since joining the company in 1989.

Brian K. Acton, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will be moving into the role of Chairman of the Board while retaining his role as CEO.  Brian continues to play a pivotal role in all aspects of BMWC’s strategic growth plan having led BMWC’s national efforts in a variety of areas including successful expansion into the Pacific Northwest and Gulf Coast regions.



Chris A. Buckman, Vice President of Corporate Construction, has been promoted into the role of President & Chief Operating Officer (COO).  Chris has played a major role in the company’s success by managing several of BMWC’s most prestigious accounts and establishing a national footprint while also spearheading the company’s targeted growth into new service lines and cost-saving technologies.


“Since 1955, our strategic philosophy per our founder, Jack Baker, has always been based on creating clear paths of succession so all future colleagues at BMWC can understand what’s necessary to prepare their careers for the future.  Today we have taken another important step toward continuing that vision and I’m proud to be part of it.” said Mr. Acton.


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