BMWC Celebrates 65 Years of Strong Values

The Value of Integrity

new circle graph of company values and integrity

In 1955 BMWC’s story began with three men, Jack Baker, Pat McHenry and Bob Welch. Over the next 65 years, the company has seen much change, expansion and innovation but some things have remained the same. BMWC was built with a foundation of strong values that we still live out today: Safety, Customers, Integrity, Leadership, People and Profitability.

Redefined Values

Like sails on the masts of a schooner, these six core values have guided our course as we’ve navigated the past 65 years.  While the winds may change, our focus and values remain the same as we adjust our sails. Today we pause to reflect and thank you for BMWC’s triumphs as we redefine each value in order to more deeply align what we stand for, who we are and what makes us the best!  To celebrate 65 years of success, we will highlight our co-workers as their stories demonstrate each of our six core values.

First, we would like to share Acting with Integrity.  To BMWC this means, “We do what we say we will do to earn the trust and respect of our customers and associates.”  We honor our word every day and recognize our team’s acts of integrity across North America.

Living It Out

This act of integrity comes from an event that occurred recently near our Toledo, OH office:

“Yesterday as we prepared for a critical lift where we would be removing the 36,000 lb. reactor head,” BMWC Boilermaker Superintendent, Lloyd Wright recalled “I remembered a SIF Lessons Learned investigation that I had read about from a different jobsite last year where a threaded eye bolt failed, causing the equipment to fall to the ground.” In bringing this potential hazard to the client’s attention, the plant personnel pushed back and questioned why Lloyd would be concerned about an event that happened last year at a different location.  But instead of accepting the client’s persuasive attempts at getting Lloyd’s crew to continue, Lloyd demonstrated his personal integrity by convincing the client to take a different path by ensuring we removed the permanent bolted lifting lugs (shown as Figure 1 on the plan view below) to inspect the threads.  Below is a picture of the actual damaged bolts that were tapped into the reactor head holding the lifting lugs.  As you can see, they are severely corroded and could have led to a critical lift failure (and possible injury). 

Thanks to Lloyd for his act of integrity and to his crew for outstanding performance on making sure we kept this project safe. 

This is a great example of BMWC’s core value of Integrity that we live by every day.

Figure 2: Corroded Dead bolts
Figure 1: Plan View

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