BMWC awarded highest honor at ZISA Awards

NMAPC recognized BMWC with 5 awards overall

For the past 20 years, the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee (NMAPC) has been honoring construction companies for noteworthy safety accomplishments at the annual Zero Injury Safety Awards Gala (ZISA). This year, the awards were virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. Below is a short video of the top awards that was created by the NMAPC.

BMWC was awarded with the highest honor as well as four other outstanding safety achievements. These awards are given to recognize companies with injury-free work from the previous year.

BMWC was awarded the Gold Star, which is the highest award, for completing 1,737,464 work hours with zero injuries at a refinery in Joliet, IL. BMWC was awarded a Bronze Star award as well for 357,409 work hours without incident at Stepan Chemical.

Finally, NMAPC awarded BMWC with three Certificates of Merit. The first was for 166,164 zero injury work hours at Nutrien in Lima, OH. The second for 111,030 safe hours at LyondellBasell in Morris, IL and the last for 79,775 injury free work hours at the BP Whiting Refinery in Whiting, IN.

“The supervision and project team are consistently taking our Safety-for-Life programs like Task Hazard Analysis, Group Audits, Pre-Job Planning and Behavior-Based Safety to the highest level. Together, we all celebrate their success in creating a Zero Injury Site,” BMWC’s Corporate Safety Director Clay West says.

This is the third year in a row that BMWC received awards for job sites in three different states (Indiana, Illinois and Ohio). Our teams wouldn’t be successful without great leadership, it’s BMWC’s strong leadership and trust in their teams that creates a culture of safety in the workforce. We also want to thank each team member that worked diligently and consistently to achieve this outstanding award and to continue pressing on towards a zero injury workplace. BMWC is proud to have such a phenomenal team.

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