Value Creates Profits


We strive to provide economic value to our customers, and we invest our profits toward our future

Although you will rarely find this value statement hanging on most companies’ walls, the reality is that making a fair profit must be one of our core values because if we fail, we will soon cease to exist.  However, this core value of BMWC has implications that go far beyond simply “making money.”

In taking it a step further, we choose to do business with “for profit” customers because they tend to behave differently than most government or public agencies that do not share our same values and are typically not in business to make money nor are they concerned whether or not their contractors make money.  We are candidly more aligned philosophically and operationally with “for profit” customers.

BMWC’s clients are more fundamentally aligned with us because they can award work based on a total assessment of the value we provide rather than strictly on lowest price.  Therefore, our core value of profitability is directly connected to our customer’s business goals by providing the best overall value in support of their ongoing commercial operations.

Our value to clients is enhanced through our professional expertise and leadership as we provide the most innovative solutions to their problems.  These problems may include finding reliable subcontractors who are consistent and trustworthy in delivering projects on time and under budget. They could include finding creative methods to minimize the operational downtime during construction or improving on poor safety performance the client has experienced on past projects.

Profits allow BMWC to invest in the future of the company.  This ongoing investment comes in many forms such as raising capital to perform continually larger projects, paying competitive salaries, raises, bonuses and profit-sharing to attract the best employees in the industry, research & development of the next technology to expand our services and ultimately funding our diversity into new industries & geographies. 

Finally, as our founder, Jack Baker faithfully pledged, BMWC’s profits also benefit the surrounding communities as we share them with civic-based agencies in the towns and cities in which we live and work.  BMWC proudly supports food banks, community centers and other agencies that provide aid to those in need.

We should never be embarrassed or shy away from profitability being a core value.  It is the fuel on which our organization runs, and it is vital to our existence and growth.  Profitability is a core value on which BMWC is based and a fundamental consideration in the decisions made each day for the betterment of our customers, our business, our employees and our communities. 

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