Safety Week 2021: Holistic Safety

Topic 1: Be Present, Be Focused

National Construction Safety Week 2021 kicks off this week with the theme Holistic Safety. This is a topic not often discussed in the construction industry. Physical safety is constantly discussed and tools are given to make sure workers are as physically safe as possible, but we want to make sure everyone has the tools to also be mentally safe.

Our work is important and sometimes dangerous, so if you are distracted or anxious, accidents can happen no matter what safety equipment you have.

Each day we will bring you a different morning topic along with a short video made by actual BMWC employees to enjoy and think about. 

Today’s Topic is “Be Present, Be Focused.” It’s not enough to just show up to work, you have to be present and focused while there.

Below are links to the resources featured in the video:
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) –
Mental Health America (MHA) –
Mental Health America Tools 2 Thrive –

Thank you to EH&S director Clay West, Area Manager Chris Lamberson, Project Engineer Kyle Haag and Superintendent John Dvorscak for your participation in today’s video.


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