BMWC wins highest safety achievement award

TRMA presents safety awards at annual banquet

Pictured (L to R): Matt Wetzel (Confidential Joliet Refinery Maintenance Manager), Justin Knapp (BMWC Site Manager), Jeff Punak (BMWC Senior Project Manager), Marc Cronkrite (BMWC Safety Manager), Ray Curry (BMWC Superintendent), Eric DeLaney (BMWC Senior Project Manager), Tanya Bryja (Confidential Joliet Refinery Manager), John Manta (BMWC VP Marketing & Sales), Ted Sinal (BMWC Project Engineer) and Bart Maple (BMWC VP of Construction)

Three Rivers Manufacturers’ Association (TRMA) recognized BMWC with the highest honor this year: The Platinum Award. In addition, we received a Gold and Meritorious award at their annual banquet.  This event is hosted by TRMA to recognize contractor companies for their pursuit of high-level safety performance. In fact, the TRMA OSHA incident rate is the lowest in the country. We are honored to be working alongside such remarkable companies in this industry.

These three awards were granted for BMWC’s commitment to safety and excellence, which was reflected in the efforts at each of the sites we are involved. The Platinum Award is the highest honor a company can receive from TRMA. To qualify for the Platinum Award, the company must have a three-year average recordable rate of 0.6 or less, a three-year Lost Workday rate of 0.2 or less and no fatalities. In addition, the company must have a recordable rate of 0 for work done at a TRMA facility in 2020 and worked a minimum of 250,000 manhours in the facilities.  

“These achievements are only possible because of the efforts of our co-workers who work in these high risk facilities. It would be too difficult to list everyone who helps keep our projects safe, it is just not one person.  It is every apprentice, journeyman, supervisor, manager, quality person and safety person. It is truly a complete team effort and team award,” BMWC EH&S Director Clay West said.

Congratulations to all the team members who had a hand in this outstanding accomplishment!


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