Our Leaders in Accident Prevention

Animated Cartoon Jet aircraft plane flying through object titled Project Intercept BMWC

BMWC’s Project Intercept is underway and individuals that exemplify outstanding safety practices deserve recognition. This month’s winning nominees present leadership in the construction industry and represent the Safety for Life culture established by BMWC.

One in ten construction site workers become injured on the job every year. Therefore, working in a hazardous industry requires a continued commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of all individuals on site. Remember, all incidents and injuries are preventable. Reducing the risk of having an employee injured goes beyond simply wearing properly designated PPE and maintaining equipment. Everyone must advocate for themselves and their colleagues.

Creating awareness, delivering training, and rewarding top performance has been a philosophy heavily instilled by BMWC. Project Intercept is an incentive program that has been kickstarted this year to promote safety by identifying problems and correcting them appropriately before workplace injury occurs. We feel that those who demonstrate leadership by taking the initiative to mitigate hazards and improve safety deserve acknowledgment.

This month we would like to recognize the following individuals for their efforts in preventing injury:

The BMWC team relies on dedicated workers who strive to instill strict safety standards. Thank you to those who help us maintain a low incident report by following proper safety procedures.


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