Construction Inclusion Week: Day 2

Belonging and Inclusion

Group of construction workers with orange hi vis vests standing on jobsite with hardhats: Daily Topic Belonging Construction Inclusion Week

Inclusion has become a buzzword in recent years, but what exactly does Inclusion mean?

Inclusion is a feeling of belonging. An inclusive workplace exists when employees are valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate in their organization.

People who feel included perform better and have fewer accidents, creating a more productive and safer workplace for everybody. Let’s look at some scenarios and discuss whether these are inclusive:

How does Culture of CARE Create an Inclusive Workplace?

Culture of CARE simply lays the foundation for what is and is not acceptable behavior on a jobsite. It is up to each of us to acknowledge that everyone on site adds value, deserves respect and has an opportunity to contribute to the work. Creating a Culture of CARE helps everyone feel more comfortable and confident speaking up, sharing new ideas, and working to stop harassment, hazing, bullying, threats and intimidation.

Ways you can Contribute to a Culture of CARE:

1. Acknowledge differences, with respect

  • Welcome ideas that are different from your own
  • Observe diverse traditions, celebrations and holidays from other cultures

2. Treat people how THEY wish to be treated, rather than how YOU wish to be treated

  • Social activities and practices that are comfortable for you may not be comfortable for others
  • Get to know your coworkers; ask them about their family, values or hobbies

3. Speak up and support diversity issues that are not necessarily your own

  • Understand the diversity you personally bring to the organization
  • Each of us is different and adds value because of these differences

4. Look for new ideas

  • If you routinely go to the same people for ideas, you aren’t necessarily being open to the diversity of thought others provide and may be unintentionally excluding some of your coworkers

5. Rotate who initiates or leads meetings

  • Even informal meetings or toolbox talks can be enhanced by a new person’s perspective or leadership style

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