A Day In The Life: Project Engineer

Project Engineers play an integral role at BMWC. They manage various field operations, which contribute toward delivering successful, large-scale industrial projects. They gain valuable experience and are exposed to every aspect of BMWC’s construction projects. To learn more about the Project Engineer role at BMWC, find the job listing here.

BMWC logo with speech bubble and contents stating "If you are looking to build a meaningful career, please consider joining our team. BMWC has made me feel like there is a place for me from day one." Mario Arriage Project Engineer III

Q: How many years have you worked for BMWC?

A: I just celebrated my 5th anniversary with BMWC. I was recruited at the University of Houston Career Fair as an intern in 2017. After completing my internship, I was offered a full-time position and started with BMWC immediately after graduating.

Q: What does a typical day look like for Project Engineers?

A: Frankly, it depends on the project itself, but a typical day often consists of a morning coffee or energy drink to start the day alert and energized. I review my e-mails to address immediate needs and update my to-do list for the day and week. Then, I typically attend one or two project meetings to assess progression, which includes working with the project team to address any immediate needs. After that, I am typically in the field performing safety assessments, updating project progress, and walking the projects down with the field execution teams to discuss new developments and projections.

Q: Your first assignment as a Project Engineer was in the Midstream Oil and Gas industry, working out of our Houston office, but you were recently able to expand your experience and take on a new assignment working with BMWC’s West Coast team. Could you please provide information on your recent assignment on the West Coast and how the opportunity to work in a different industry with different teams helped your professional development?

A: One of the great things about BMWC is that we execute projects across the country and in several industries. As a Project Engineer, you can gain a diverse understanding of industrial construction by accepting assignments in different geographies and industries. I was hired as a Project Engineer in the Houston office working on oil and gas projects, but I have been able to travel to other BMWC projects and gain experience in different industries. Admittedly, transitioning to a new industry can be challenging.

Specifically, on my most recent assignment on the West Coast, understanding how projects are planned and executed in the semiconductor industry, compared to what I was used to in the midstream oil and gas industry, was a little intimidating. However, with the help of Mike McQuillin and Zach Villarmia, BMWC’s Project Managers on the West Coast, I was able to tackle those challenges and help our project team, all while gaining valuable experience and professional development.

Responsibilities Included:
  • Writing RFIs, Transmittals, and Submittals
  • Creating labor plans
  • Requesting material transfers from the warehouse to the project site
  • Working with the foreman/GF’s to help with immediate material needs and other necessary coordination
  • Helping with the management of subcontractors
  • Undertaking weekly progress walks, including updating management on project progression.

Q: Do you feel you have the tools necessary to do your job or expand your skills?

A: Absolutely. BMWC provides plenty of resources for employees to succeed. We have internal training taught by BMWC Project Managers and other leaders, and we are also offered external training courses that the company pays for. The culture here is very mentorship-driven, and BMWC leaders foster an “open door” policy.

Q: How long did it take you to advance in your career?

A: I am privileged to work with an immensely talented team that helped me rapidly grow. After completing my internship, I accepted an employment offer extended by BMWC in March 2018 as a Project Engineer I. Through hard work and a genuine desire to learn, I was promoted to Project Engineer II in March 2019. Most recently, I was promoted to Project Engineer III in April 2022. My dedication has been met with the advancement opportunities I have received.

Q: What do you think the future of BMWC looks like?

A: As we recover from COVID-19, we have seen material shortages worldwide. But despite those challenges, work seems to be picking up. BMWC is fortunate to have such a diverse customer base and a blue-chip list of clients that are currently making significant investments or have significant investments planned. I anticipate continued, fast-paced growth for all offices, and we must plan and prepare for that growth. I also see myself continuing to learn and grow at BMWC.

Q: What should prospective Project Engineers expect when it comes to growth opportunities?

A: I believe that BMWC offers great growth opportunities throughout the company. Before accepting my offer from BMWC, I discussed career paths and the journey of various project engineers and leaders. Doing so made it clear that BMWC invests in its people.

Q: Do you feel valued by management or your fellow employees?

A: Yes. I feel valued by my project teams, leaders, management, and the office team, not only in the Gulf Coast but also in the Portland office. My work is met with promotions and encouragement.

Q: What are some perks for working at BMWC?

  • Team bonding events
  • Networking (i.e., attending sporting events with existing and future clients)
  • Being compensated fairly

Q: Do you feel BMWC values a Culture of CARE through Diversity and Inclusion?

A: BMWC goes above and beyond to ensure Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are implemented and followed through. This year, BMWC participated in the 2022 Construction Inclusion Week, which provided content and resources to foster diversity and inclusion. I have also noted phenomenal mentorship relationships, which allow persons of diverse backgrounds to learn and remain encouraged during the process.

Q: Does your job give you the flexibility to meet the needs of your personal life?

A: Yes. However, just like with anything in life, you must prioritize and balance your personal life to accomplish your goals. I like to get a workout after work and get a few errands out of the way so I can enjoy my weekends. It takes time to learn how to accomplish this, but I believe BMWC desires employees to reach this point and implements realistic expectations.

If you are looking to build a meaningful career, please consider joining our team. BMWC has made me feel like there is a place for me from day one.


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