Three Rivers Manufacturing Association Presents Gold Award

BMWC is proud to announce that our Chicago area team won the Gold Award from the Three Rivers Manufacturing Association (TRMA). This award is given to companies that achieve a 25% or greater reduction in the total OSHA recordable incidence rate with no workplace-related fatalities. We have won this award several times and will continue to strive for excellence.

Men standing in front of TRMA backdrop holding Three Rivers Manufacturing Association’s (TRMA) Gold Award plaque.

The mission and values of the Three Rivers Manufacturers Association state they aim to “Promote manufacturing excellence among its members and improve the general manufacturing climate within the communities we serve.” One of the reasons BMWC is exceptionally grateful for the Gold Award is because their views closely resemble BMWC’s Core Value to Drive Operational Excellence by “Working hard in all areas of the business to drive the highest levels of performance in the industries we serve.” By instituting high safety standards, more employees go home safely to their families every single day.

Continued Appreciation

We’re very proud of everyone’s efforts toward embracing our culture of safety. Our workplace safety training programs offer continued learning, so our teams always follow the best practices. That is why the workplace safety culture at BMWC is among the best nationwide. The TRMA Gold Award and the many others we have earned remind us of the hard work and dedication our team routinely demonstrates.


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