Our work at BMWC encompasses a wide variety of industries. To learn more about specific industries we’re involved with, click below.


The construction and maintenance of high-altitude aircraft requires a knack for innovation and absolute precision. That makes the aerospace industry a perfect fit for BMWC, where we’ve been tackling mission-critical jobs for aerospace industry leaders for decades. Our work includes custom fabrication, jet fuel piping, HVAC, tank line maintenance, installation, instrumentation and controls, and gas leak detection. We’ve successfully managed all phases of aerospace construction projects in manufacturing facilities located throughout the Pacific Northwest.


The construction and maintenance of facilities that use, produce and dispose of various chemicals is one of our specialized skills at BMWC. These facilities produce everything from plastic polymers to cleaning solvents to paint. Our expertise in process and high-purity piping, as well as our extensive experience installing and maintaining boilers, motors, pumps, vessels and tanks makes us an excellent fit for these projects.

We understand that each chemical we work with has unique properties. So we always make sure we’re fully prepared to handle whatever chemicals we will be using by carefully reviewing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) before every project. We can also integrate our BIM/CAD/3D modeling to help with planning and construction on potentially hazardous job sites, which limits contractor and employee exposure time.

Environmental safety is very important to us, so we make sure any hazardous materials or waste we work with are isolated and treated with caution. If a facility has a routine need for hazardous waste disposal, we can design and build process-piping systems that can handle biotech and radioactive waste.

Electric Power

Power generation is one of the world’s most rapidly evolving industries. At BMWC, we’re on top of the latest innovations, regulations and air quality standards to make sure our clients are operating safely, and at maximum efficiency.

Project management and controls are critical in this industry, so we place maximum importance on planning and sequential operation while making sure we adhere to the highest standards of safety. We can also provide scheduling and cost-management services, as well as feasibility studies for clients contemplating improvements.

Our work in power generation includes:

  • Tube Bundle Change-Outs
  • Water Walls
  • Cyclone Change-Outs
  • Burner Repairs and Replacements
  • Coal Handling Systems
  • Emissions Systems Repairs, Overhauls, and New Construction
    • Flue gas desulfurization units
    • Precipitators
    • Scrubbers
    • S.C.R.s and S.N.C.R.s
    • Bag houses
    • Rotational equipment
      • Boiler feed pumps (motor and turbine driven)
      • FD and ID fans
      • High energy piping
      • Service piping


Food and Beverage

The manufacturing of food and beverages is a fast-paced industry where sanitation is critical. At BMWC, our work in this industry includes virtually every step of the production process, from handling raw material, to blending, to packaging. Our expertise with biopharmaceutical work and high-purity piping means that these jobs are a perfect fit for us.

When piping systems have crevices or pockmarks due to imprecise welding techniques, germs and mold can grow, which contaminates the product. Our experience using techniques including orbital welding ensure that your high-purity piping system will remain free of adulterants. But process and high-purity piping isn’t all we do in this industry—we can also build these facilities from the ground up. Here are some examples of the work we do in food and beverage:

  • Process and high-purity piping
  • Fire protection
  • Clean rooms
  • Equipment setting
  • Sanitation stations
  • Carpentry work
  • HVAC design and installation
  • Plumbing services
  • Manufacturing infrastructure

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas are cornerstones of the energy market, and BMWC has a long history of working in these industries. We’ve worked together on multi-million dollar projects with some of the biggest energy companies in the world, and we’ve been trusted to take on these jobs because of our consistency, commitment to excellence and outstanding safety record.

When we’re working on oil or gas projects, our clients know they can count on us to stay on schedule and on budget. We’re able to do this consistently because of our project controls, and we share day-to-day data with clients including installed units—not just hours spent. By tracking installed units, we can tell our clients exactly how close we are to project completion, and can transparently show exactly what aspects of the job are finished. When a project is complete, we can provide long-term maintenance services to ensure that systems continue to work optimally for years to come.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Our years of experience in biopharmaceuticals have helped us develop highly specialized capabilities that benefit our clients every day. We’re experts in building clean, keeping contaminants out of sterile process areas because even the smallest particles can compromise the operation of an entire facility. That’s why we make sure all of our tubes and fittings are pre-bagged and welded using a high-purity automatic orbital welder. When you combine that with our strict adherence to Bioprocessing Equipment Standards (BPE), you can see why the systems we install and maintain remain clean and pure. Ask us about:

  • cGMP manufacturing facilities (including validated plants)
  • Pilot plants
  • Fermentation systems
  • Ultra-high purity piping
  • Equipment installations (i.e. bioreactors)
  • Water-for-injection systems
  • Waste-kill systems
  • RO/DI water system installation/service
  • Clean steam systems
  • SIP/CIP systems
  • Passivation
  • Videoscope inspections
  • Skid fabrications
  • Medical gas systems
  • Validation documentation support
  • ASME coded tank repairs
  • Instrumentation and controls


At BMWC, we’ve been providing maintenance and construction services in petrochemical facilities for more than 50 years. Our approach emphasizes constructability: We streamline our work so projects can be built and maintained simply and efficiently. Furthermore, we’re always working to improve on existing designs in collaboration with our clients and engineers.

Our approach to petrochemical work includes organizing our team into work cells that can handle every aspect of the job. This translates to less red tape, which means we consistently get projects done on time and on budget. It’s part of our Lean Construction approach: we find the best solutions for a project as a whole—not just for one part of the equation. Lean Construction also means a clear flow of communication, which is why we keep our clients informed with scheduled, documented updates so questions or concerns can be addressed immediately.


In the world of semiconductors, even the tiniest contaminants can cause huge problems.

You can’t afford to shut down operations for an hour due to contamination.

At BMWC, we adhere to strict cleanliness standards, so you won’t encounter this problem. We make sure our clients’ manufacturing capabilities stay operational without costly down time due to repairs or malfunctions. Our work is fast and effective, as we’re familiar with the accelerated schedules that are common in the semiconductor industry. Our semiconductor services include:

  • Tool installations and hookup
  • Ultra-high purity piping system installations
  • Seismic/mechanical system upgrades
  • Custom skid fabrications
  • Process cooling systems
  • Specialty gas/chemical distribution systems
  • OEM contract manufacturing
  • Waste treatment systems