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In the refining industry, it’s well known that Alky Turnarounds can be the most treacherous. The Alky Unit handles dangerous Hydrofluoric Acid as a catalyst and is a very corrosive chemical which requires unique skills and special handling for all employees entering the unit. The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to be worn in order to protect you from life-threatening hazardous exposure is extensive and challenging to work in while remaining productive in your duties.  This is especially true during extreme heat conditions.         

Under the experienced leadership of Dave Pasyk (Project Manager) and Chris Leiteritz (Superintendent) along with their crew of 120+ craft men and women, BMWC Constructors recently completed one of the most successful Alky Turnarounds in CITGO Lemont history where BMWC was responsible for the major portion of all mechanical work on the unit.  Key to our success was the extensive initial planning and scheduling that was shared and confirmed with all CITGO stakeholders, BMWC personnel and subcontractors onsite. 

The total Alky TAR execution plan included over 40,000 craft hours which resulted in over 400 turnover packages and approximately 800 welds.  Safety was extremely difficult to manage during this 30-day outage working around the clock and requiring all crafts people to wear rubber PVC suits in extreme heat as the temperatures averaged 90+ degrees daily! 

Additionally, the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic created an environment that could have been disastrous with potential illnesses and absenteeism but instead and in spite of the simultaneous political unrest that effected many parts of our world, BMWC’s 120+ workers onsite adhered to the social distancing and mask requirements while staying focused on the Alky TAR without letting the world’s layers of additional distractions and stress affect them. 

Despite the long list of historic challenges and tough conditions, the BMWC team remained committed to delighting CITGO to the highest degree possible throughout the outage and successfully finished under budget, on schedule and demonstrated excellent safety and quality during this critical outage. 

We applaud Dave, Chris and their crews for always putting our Customers First and never veering away from our Core Values!  

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