Women in Construction: Featured Project

As Women in Construction Week comes to an end, we reflect on the industry’s progress. BMWC is currently working on a project in Fishers, IN, with five women in various roles.

Pictured L to R: Kerry Estes, Madelyn Shanahan, Stacy Cline, Sara Leggins and Whitney Estes.

The picture above features the women on the project. Stacy Cline is leading the team in the field as BMWC’s General Foreman. Madelyn Shanahan is the project engineer coordinating material, schedule, and other tasks between the field and office. Working on the project from Local 440 is mother-daughter duo Kerry Estes (Journeyman) and Whitney Estes (4th-year apprentice). Both have worked on previous projects for BMWC and are excellent welders. They both are specialized in orbital welding as well. In addition, Sara Leggins is a 1st-year apprentice from Local 440 on the project learning from Kerry and Whitney.

BMWC is partnered with Shiel Sexton on this project, and they also have a strong team of women leading the project. We were lucky enough to spend some time touring the facility with them (pictured below). This project has been a great experience from starting with just an empty piece of land, and in just a few short months, having a new BioPharma manufacturing facility. The entire team has worked great together and coordinated efforts to make everything safe and efficient.

BMWC President and CEO Chris Buckman understands the value of women in the construction industry and at BMWC.

“Construction can be a tough and challenging business and the women that work for BMWC answer the bell every day. Thankfully, the number of women in the construction industry, and in our organization specifically, is on the rise. We have women running projects, working as part of our field crews, working as field supervisors, coordinating shop fabrication efforts, and working in nearly every one of our support departments. We could not be prouder of the contributions these ladies make to the overall success of BMWC, and we are happy to be an organization proving that a successful career in construction is not limited to the male population,” he says.

The project mentioned above is for INCOG BioPharma Services. BMWC is the mechanical contractor providing fabrication and installation of process and utility piping for INCOG BioPharma Services’ new CDMO sterile injectables facility in Fisher, IN. INCOG will offer development and manufacturing services to both early phase and late phase biopharmaceutical companies—with specific services to include formulation development, analytical method development, process scale-up, formulation/filling of biopharmaceuticals into vials, syringes, and cartridges, and an integrated solution of specialized packaging services to include labeling, device assembly, final packaging, and integrated storage solutions at various temperature conditions.

Once the project is complete, we will have a full article to share. If you’d like to read more about the women of BMWC. Make sure to check out the Women in Construction Q&A.


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