Safety Week 2022: Be Supported

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The second topic of the week for Construction Safety Week is focused on being supported. Support is mutual. When you support a coworker or friend, they are in turn more likely to support you. This mindset will give each of us the courage to speak up for safety. Our voices are one of the greatest ways to eliminate exposure, but it is not always easy to speak up when we see a potential risk or an unsafe action.

Support is also shown within selfless acts for others, which have positive physical and mental effects. A simple gesture of care and concern for a crew member or loved one gives the support they may need whether they are suffering from anxiety, depression, or a tough personal situation. Supporting each other and our crews will keep us safe and informed at home and at work.

See Something. Say Something.

Info depicting falls leading cause of death in construction. ladder falls 80% of fall injuries treated in the ER involve ladder falls. red black with construction tape theme
Check back on Thursday for an infographic including tips that could save your life

Having the courage to say something when you see something can prevent a serious incident or injury on the job. Everyone, from management to crew members, must speak up for safety.

Consider the following tips to support your crew members:

  • Be intentional about listening to each other and consider viewpoints different from our own. 
  • Do not be deterred by how you think a coworker will react. You are only responsible for how you communicate your concern, not how they respond.
  • Be appreciative when someone is courageous enough to speak up and share concerns with you. They have your safety and best interest at heart.
  • Find an appropriate time and place to talk with your coworker.
  • Ask them how they are doing and actively listen; let them know they are not alone.
  • Discretely notify a supervisor if you are concerned for the person’s well-being.

Commitment to Safety

100% of accidents are preventable. Safety for Life is a value that BMWC is proud to practice every day. We maintain consistent standards and ensure that employees have the necessary PPE to achieve these ideals. Most importantly, we cultivate a sense of community that promotes support. Our hope is that all employees feel comfortable enough to approach one another for support in any circumstance.

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