Safety Week 2022: Remain Connected

Daily Topic Remain Connected Construction Safety Week Monday, May 2 BMWC

Construction Safety Week begins today. This year, we are reminded of the importance of community. Remaining connected to your loved ones, your coworkers/crew members, and your community allows each of us to be bonded and know that we are not alone.

Connection brings comfort. It brings peace of mind. It allows us to be open and honest about daily experiences – good and bad – and find common ground with others around us. In other words, we are each other’s keepers.

Safety Week provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate our safety successes while also recognizing the extraordinary effort it takes to continue our mission of eliminating all incidents and injuries in our industry.

Chris Buckman – President/CEO

Mental Health is Health

Taking time to examine the current state of your mental health is important to your overall health. Studies show that high levels of stress can cause other health related problems. Building relationships and reflecting on the people that mean the most to you can improve your sense of life fulfillment. Follow this link for some helpful resources and a video from last year. You can also visit the Safety Week website for a mental health field guide to use on your jobs.

Be Creative

Try writing what motivates you or the names of those who matter most inside your helmet as a visual reminder of why safety matters. Below is an example provided by a safety instructor named Jared Kish whose idea spread rapidly through social media:

White Hard Hat or Construction Hat with Family written in black permanent marker by Jared Kish featured by Jenn Kish

How do you Remain Connected? Here are some helpful tips…

  1. What are some ways you can stay connected at home?
    • Make a list of family and friends you want to stay connected to – reach out regularly. 
    • Use web-based platforms like video chat or messages if needed.
    • Set aside time each day or week for connection with family and friends.
    • Make social plans – look forward to special activities.
  2. What are some ways to stay connected at work?
    • Actively participate in your daily job brief or toolbox talk.
    • Ask questions to get to know someone on a personal level
    • Encourage everyone to speak and let them know that their opinion and feedback matter.
    • Mentor a junior employee or learn from a senior employee.
  3. How can you advance your interpersonal relationships?
    • Be an active listener – understand what people are communicating.
    • Think “win-win” or a result that is good for everyone involved.
    • Follow up on previous conversations or concerns.
    • Ask questions to get a conversation going.
  4. Encourage sharing and storytelling:
    • What relationships have the most meaning to you?
    • What ways can you think of to make your team more connected?
    • Share a story of a successful team or project.


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