Construction Inclusion Week: Day 1

Group of construction workers with orange hi vis vests standing on jobsite with hardhats: Daily Topic Commitment and accountability Construction Inclusion Week

Construction Inclusion Week is the first effort to harness the collective power of general contractors, specialty contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Our objective is to build awareness of the need to improve diversity and inclusion in the construction industry by providing content and resources.

We recognize and understand that each of our firms may be at different places in our diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys. Our intent is that Construction Inclusion Week fosters conversations that create alignment and take us further on this journey for our people and industry partners. If we genuinely want to attract, retain, and develop the best talent for our industry and maximize the diversity of our suppliers, we must grow our industry’s culture to be truly inclusive.

What is Company Culture?
Every company has a culture. But what does that mean? Usually, a company has a stated culture in the form of vision and mission statements. In practice, company culture is the way people feel about their work, how they treat each other and behave in the workplace, where they see the company going, and what they’re doing to get it there. This actual culture may or may not align with the company’s stated culture.

Culture of CARE with founding principles commit, attract, retain, empower.

This week, we will present a topic each day to spark a conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Like Safety Week, we understand that this topic is something we should focus on every day, but having a week to come together and share ideas and stories provides momentum for the industry.

Visit Construction Inclusion Week for more information and check back for our daily topics.

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