Construction Inclusion Week: Day 5

Creating a diverse and inclusive work culture doesn’t happen overnight. However, some actions can be taken to motivate the coming generations and improve diversity in the long term. Doing so increases the potential that youth will explore the many benefits of joining the construction industry. One way organizations can make efforts to ensure the industry’s future is more diverse is to participate in youth outreach programs within the communities they serve.

Group of construction workers with orange hi vis vests standing on jobsite with hardhats: Daily Topic community engagement- youth outreach Construction Inclusion Week

What is youth outreach?

Youth outreach programs offer children the opportunity to learn about various subjects that encourage them to build social, technical, academic, and leadership skills to better their future.

Why is youth outreach important?

Construction companies that participate in youth outreach programs ensure that coming generations will have the resources needed to learn about career pathways in the industry. Thus, increasing the probability of diversifying the workplace in the future.

If you are interested in conducting a youth outreach presentation, feel free to download a copy of this Student Activity Guide that was provided by Construction Inclusion Week.

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