Virtual Design and Construction



Increasing project value for our clients is one of our top priorities at BMWC. That’s why we’ve recently added Virtual Design and Construction to our catalog of capabilities. Virtual Design and Construction includes multiple services that are detailed below, such as Dimensional Controls Integration, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Detailing, Clash Detection, Construction Visualization, Spool Drawing Generation and Construction Layout. These techniques enable us to produce digital replicas of any given structure or scene, which provides clients with accurate, comprehensive accounts of existing systems or facilities and contribute to overall activity efficiency.

Knowing what to do before, during and after construction sequences is critical to safe work plan execution. BMWC’s capitalizes on the myriad benefits of virtual design and construction, which include the following:

Dimensional Control Integration

Utilizing our dimensional control capabilities, we can also take 3D scans of our clients’ facilities and incorporate them with an engineered 3D model to provide layout solutions. This scan data supplies visuals and information that represents every component of a given structure. This allows us to quickly identify any issues and provides our clients with the ability to view a project in precise detail in order to enhaVirtual Design Roomnce the decision-making process.

3D Laser Scanning

Laser scans, when used in conjunction with dimensional control networks and established industrial surveying techniques, generate the most comprehensive and insightful datasets for our clients. Because of this, such technology assists with pre-design, logistics, research, construction visualization and more, catalyzing project completion every step of the way.

3D Detailing

BMWC offers 3D detailing services ranging from creation to management and maintenance of precise project update records, which can be used to review design changes and developments throughout the design and construction phases.

Clash Detection

By utilizing such tools as Navisworks and incorporating clients’ design models with laser scan data, interference checking (clash detection) can be performed to detect and resolve potential problems prior to the commencement of any installation. These resources make work more efficient and less wasteful, and can be extracted from existing data to ensure accuracy as well as workflow and scheduling validity.

Construction VisualizationHazard Analysis Virtual Design

Accuracy and efficiency aren’t the only benefitted aspects of virtual design-augmented analysis; BMWC’s core value, safety, is also improved upon thanks to these innovations. For example, one feature of such technology enables crews to explore the jobsite during a virtual walkthrough of a scanned facility. This construction visualization illustrates any potentially hazardous conditions that may be present on site, which helps workers to identify and plan around obstacles before activities even begin, ensuring a safer environment. Additionally, digital visualization aids clients engaged in analytical and decision-making endeavors as its presentation is both highly illustrative yet rich in data.

Spool Drawing Generation

Using laser scanning technology, any object or scene can be digitally replicated as coordinate data. We can then automatically generate specific spool drawings and track spool fabrication electronically throughout the entire process to perform layout more efficiently and accurately than with standard methods. These spool drawings are populated with the required standard parts and fittings, which are true to their respective real-world sizes and dimensions.

Construction Layout

BMWC understands that, because it is a critical activity, layout can substantially affect project schedules and budgets. That’s why we ensure that projects are laid out within the tightest of tolerances, and utilize the latest in total station technology to measure discrete coordinate data and conditions with the utmost accuracy.

Whether for pre-design, logistics, study, design data or construction visualization purposes, BMWC’s Virtual Design and Construction Team will deliver accurate scan data to help you achieve project success.