Lean Construction Philosophy

What is Lean Construction?

Lean ConstructionLean Construction is a philosophy and a practice that applies to every project we take on at BMWC. It’s a holistic approach to construction that doesn’t follow a traditional top-down workflow. Instead, it’s a bottom-up process that encourages valuable contributions from everyone involved in the project. It also means never starting work we aren’t fully prepared to complete.

How is Lean Construction Different from Other Methods?

We use various techniques to eliminate bottlenecks and allow efficient and timely project execution. Collaboratively planning meetings with owner representatives, construction managers, foremen, and skilled craftsmen enables all parties to share specialized knowledge on an equal platform. These individuals have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t, so a Lean Construction approach often leads to innovative solutions that can make a project more cost-effective.


We want every project we work on to be the best. To be among the best industrial construction companies, you can’t stick with a rigid set of rules. Since Lean Construction is an elastic process, we’re always adapting to become even better. We instill a rich culture that values listening to the workers with decades of real-world jobsite experience — because we want to make sure a great idea never gets overlooked.

Want to see our approach in action? Check out this video of one of our lean planning sessions.