Technology Innovation, Research and Development

At BMWC, innovation means constantly moving our construction methods forward. We’re always looking for safer, faster solutions to better serve our clients. We find them by listening to our people in the field, encouraging our employees to share their ideas and experiences and staying on top of the industry’s latest technology developments.

Working to improve good ideas often makes them great. That’s why we developed our Innovation Catalog, which documents successful improvements we’ve implemented on our projects. This knowledge is shared across the organization and fosters additional innovation as other project teams are able to adapt the ideas to their specific situations and turn them into game-changing solutions.

One way we stay innovative is by looking at the correlations between field productivity and our weekly lean commitment reliability. This lets us know if our productivity is improving at the same rate as our planned percentage of job completion. It’s a unique way to show our clients exactly where we are on a current job, and that our work is on schedule and on budget.

Staying innovative also means finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint. When we’re on the job, we recycle and reuse water when possible for testing, cleaning and passivation. We also save resources by using digital documentation, implementing Lean Construction methods and by recycling jobsite waste.

Every day we’re looking to improve our quality, consistency and the world we live in. Our active research and development allows us do this, and we continue to find innovative answers through collaboration and communication. That helps us provide more cost-effective solutions for our clients.