Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

At BMWC Constructors (BMWC), we embrace the power of differences by forming a culture of creativity, innovation, and success. We strive to have a team that represents every race, gender, sexual preference, nationality, age, background, experience, perspective, talent ability, and style. 

group of bmwc construction workers with hard have representing diversity, equity, and inclusion wearing hard hats and orange hiviz vests on jobsite

Our recruiting, hiring, and placement activities include actively seeking and interviewing a range of candidates that span the spectrums of diversity. We look to hire those that can help us exceed our customer’s expectations by demonstrating a capacity for high-performance execution. We track these recruiting activities and report performance with respect to this goal. 

We recognize the value of diverse backgrounds and have made a commitment to strengthen our core values by harnessing a sense of: 


Providing a safe space for staff to feel respected, appreciated, and included 

Management Engagement 

Leading by example to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity 

Workplace Improvement 

Hiring, promoting, and training in a way that is free from bias 


Acting through volunteer initiatives, community outreach programs, and charitable donations

Equal Employment Opportunities

Throughout all BMWC programs including our New Hire Orientation, Non-Harassment Training and Non-Nepotism Policy, employees are coached to embrace our culture of diversity and inclusion. These programs require employees to promptly advise their supervisor (or anyone in a management capacity) if they become aware of any inappropriate behavior, whether they are directly involved or not. These notifications are made without fear of reprisal or retaliation and are treated as confidentially as circumstances permit.

Upon receiving notification, a thorough and impartial investigation is conducted, and any issues discovered are corrected immediately. Our subcontractors are held to the same high standards and expectations.  BMWC believes that all candidates and, subsequently, all employees are entitled to equal opportunities. 

Supplier Diversity 

BMWC Constructors is committed to identifying and establishing effective relationships with all suppliers, including those certified businesses owned by women, veterans, and other minority demographics. We seek opportunities to improve access and performance of these diverse suppliers, which help us exceed our customer’s needs and strengthen businesses in the communities where we live and work. 

We accomplish this through the following: 

  • Contribute our time and resources to industry Mentor-Protégé programs designed to expand the capability of diverse companies to win and profitably perform high-quality construction services. 
  • Support customer supplier diversity goals and targets in both the bidding and performance of our work. 
  • Ensure access to diverse suppliers in the bidding of company contracts. 
  • Support diversity-enhancing initiatives of the colleges and universities developing the next generation of construction professionals. 
Group off BMWC workers discussing a topic relating to diversity, equity and inclusion while sitting at a large table
Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets regularly to ensure BMWC is following best practices. With this goal in mind, we strive to make the workplace a supportive environment for employees of all backgrounds and demographic characteristics.

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