BMWC Invests in FARO Laser Scanners

Pictured (L to R): Mark Phillips (BMWC Virtual Design Tech Engineer) Brent Slawnikowski (FARO Senior Account Manager).

We are pleased to announce the purchase of two additional FARO Focus S350 lasers at our Chicagoland office today. We received our first scanner at the Munster office in 2014 and have now added two to our laser scanning fleet! This will help us provide tremendous value and quality service to our clients.

The scanners ultra-high performance makes it faster, allowing us to capture more data than ever before. Its ability to pre-register captured scans in the field will allow us to reduce processing time and deliver data to our clients much quicker.

BMWC is at the forefront of technological advances and continues to partner with world-leading technology companies such as FARO to deliver the best service to our clients by investing in the latest survey technologies. Our investment in the additional new FARO Focus S350 laser scanners reaffirms our position as a pioneer in the use of laser scanning technology in the industrial construction market.

For more information about how our Virtual Design services can support your project, contact us at 219-934-3220 or read more here.


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