Monthly Archives: May 2022

BMWC Teams Up With Rebuilding Together Indianapolis to Improve Local Community

Last month, BMWC sponsored and participated in Rebuilding Together Indianapolis’ Spring Rebuild Day for National Volunteer Week. Their mission is to provide assistance to people who, because of physical or financial limitations, need home repairs. Actions speak louder than words and BMWC volunteers were ready to get down and dirty to help their fellow neighbors… Continue reading.

BMWC Receives Safety Awards from Three Rivers Manufacturers’ Association (TRMA)

BMWC is pleased to announce that we were granted the Award for Meritorious Performance for High-Risk Work and Gold Award during the 2021 Safety Awards ceremony by Three Rivers Manufacturers’ Association (TRMA). These two awards recognize the exceptional safety practices that team members have demonstrated through consistently acting with a high level of commitment in… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2022: Thank You

Daily Topic Thank You Construction Safety Week Friday May 6 BMWC

Today serves as a time to wrap up Construction Safety Week by saying ‘Thank You.’ BMWC believes being successful in the construction industry requires unification of all employees through connection, support, safety practices, and continued learning. Each worker is a piece of the puzzle that ranks BMWC among the best places to work in multiple… Continue reading.

Mother-Daughter Duo Represent Minority in the Construction Industry

Whitney and Kerry Estes, a mother-daughter duo working for BMWC, specialize in orbital welding for BMWC out of UA Local 440. Women are a minority in the construction industry, making this combo especially rare. Kerry brings 34 years of experience and dedication to the field. Whitney, a third-generation construction worker, quickly learns the trade as… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2022: Continue Learning

Daily Topic Continued Learning in green Tuesday, May 5 Construction Safety Week BMWC

The construction industry is filled with people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. How do we unite as one connected, supported, and safe industry? Sharing lessons learned on new innovations to a common issue or streamlining a task to make it safer and more efficient will allow us to continually learn and improve our… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2022: Stay Safe

It is everyone’s responsibility to stay safe. Safety is and always must remain a top value. Safety Week is the time to fill our safety “gas tanks” to last us the other 51 weeks of the year by giving us tools and new perspectives on safety while also retaining safety fundamentals. The fundamentals of safety… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2022: Be Supported

Daily Topic Be Supported Construction Safety Week BMWC Constuction Safety Week Tuesday, May 3 BMWC Connected Supported Safe 2022

The second topic of the week for Construction Safety Week is focused on being supported. Support is mutual. When you support a coworker or friend, they are in turn more likely to support you. This mindset will give each of us the courage to speak up for safety. Our voices are one of the greatest… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2022: Remain Connected

Daily Topic Remain Connected Monday, May 2 Construction Safety Week

Construction Safety Week begins today. This year, we are reminded of the importance of community. Remaining connected to your loved ones, your coworkers/crew members, and your community allows each of us to be bonded and know that we are not alone. Connection brings comfort. It brings peace of mind. It allows us to be open… Continue reading.