Easy Nutrition Tips for Staying Healthy at Work

Celebrate National Nutrition Month by Focusing on your Health

Two of BMWC’s core values revolve around keeping our team safe and empowered to do their best. We realize that a huge part of that means encouraging good health and nutrition.  Like many workplaces, we’ve implemented a Wellness Committee that works to educate and empower everyone to eat right, exercise and work towards the best version of themselves.

We have our fair share of cake days and sweet celebrations, but this month especially, we want to highlight the importance of nutrition in the workplace. So with National Nutrition Month in full swing, here are 5 simple tips for staying healthy at work.


  1. Stay hydrated. It’s recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day, but you can also sub out water for water rich food. Fruits, veggies and dairy are all good options. Check out the 10 best hydrating fruits. ——>
  2. Eat! It can be tempting to skip breakfast or work over lunch, but missing meals is actually more harmful than helpful. In the long run, skipping out on those much-needed calories will leave you dragging and sluggish due to lowered metabolism and blood pressure. So try not to skip a meal for the sake of time or convenience.
  3. Find co-workers that share similar health goals. This adds a new level of accountability and encouragement to stick to your goals. You might be tempted to break your own plans, but it’ll be harder to let someone else down.
  4. Pack healthy snacks. It’s really easy to clamor down the stairs on cake-day, but having healthy snacks on hand can make it easier to stay on track. Fruits, veggies and non-fat yogurts are rich in nutrients but lower in calories and won’t leave you with a sugar crash at 3:00.
  5. Order healthy options at restaurants. Eating out with coworkers on a regular basis is a natural habit to form. It may seem like a solid excuse to eat whatever you want in the name of socializing, but it can really hold you back from reaching your health goals. Thankfully, most places have healthier options and nutritional information available. Applebees, for instance offers Weight Watchers approved meals. Another tip is to avoid food described as glazed, creamy, breaded, crisp, sauced or loaded. Boxing up half your plate when it arrives is another way to stay healthy when eating out.


When your calendar is full and your day is chaotic, it’s easy to let your health suffer. Unfortunately, the more your health suffers, the more your work, family and relationships will be affected. So make yourself a priority – even if you have to write it on your to-do list!



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