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Safety Week 2021: Holistic Safety

National Construction Safety Week 2021 kicks off this week with the theme Holistic Safety. This is a topic not often discussed in the construction industry. Physical safety is constantly discussed and tools are given to make sure workers are as physically safe as possible, but we want to make sure everyone has the tools to… Continue reading.

Celebrating 60 Years of Success

In April of 1955, Jack Baker, Pat McHenry and Bob Welch took a risk and purchased the small mechanical contractor they worked for in Indianapolis. Jack Baker was a man who had a strong sense of right and wrong and was committed to living according to his principles. He was known for his strong work… Continue reading.

Featured Project: Cooling Tower Electrical Reliability Improvement Project

BMWC was challenged to perform the setting of (2) 15’ x 52’ cooling tower unit sections within an active, working refinery. The original plan to set the modules included a piece of equipment that had to be fabricated, which would have pushed back the completion date. Pushing back the schedule wasn’t an option because other projects couldn’t… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

Fall Prevention Approximately a third of all injuries reported happen in the home, and they tend to hit small children and elderly adults the most.  Falls are the number one cause of home injuries and death in the US.  The two groups most at risk for falls are children younger than 5 and adults over… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

State Farm conducted an online survey and reported the following: 1 in 5 people admitted to surfing the Internet while driving. Most of them reported accessing the net when stopped at a stop light or in heavy traffic. They also said they commonly surf the web while driving alone, during the day, or on long… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

Safety in the garage A common practice that takes place during this time of year is the dreaded task of spring cleaning of garages.   As you are doing your spring cleaning, please take into consideration the storage of chemicals and poisons.  Everyone has them, but are they stored properly?  Some quick statistics. 838 children ages… Continue reading.

Safety Week 2014

In support of Safety Week 2014,  BMWC is sending out a Safety Tip each day that pertains to safety at home. It is important to understand that safety doesn’t end when you leave a job site, it is just as important to practice safety at home with your family. Safety tip #1 is in regards to lawn mower safety.  Most of us have some sort of… Continue reading.