2023 Construction Safety Week

Chris Buckman Construction Safety Week is a time for our industry to come together, celebrate success, learn from each other, and reaffirm our commitment to eliminating all incidents and injuries Safety Yellow Safety Week  BMWC

Construction Safety Week is an important annual event that brings together construction firms nationwide to celebrate safety successes while recognizing the extraordinary effort it takes to continue our mission of eliminating all injuries and incidents in our industry. Each year BMWC participates by bringing awareness to the importance of safety. This year the theme is STRONG VOICES, SAFE CHOICES and the Daily Topics include Engagement, Risk Identification, Brain Matters, Continue Learning, and Take Action. BMWC empowers employees to focus on building a safer environment for all because safety plays an integral part of the company’s culture.

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On construction sites, we must look out for each other and work together as a team to promote safety. For any company looking to build a successful and thriving culture, making safety an integral part of their organization is essential. Encouraging open communication creates a safer and more unifying workplace because people feel more comfortable to speak up.

Risk Identification

Today, digital tools and advancements have made risk identification easier than ever before. With real-time insights, contractors are better equipped to identify potential risks before they become dangerous. By informing workers of potential risks and promoting proactive safety measurements, projects can be completed faster. Lead by example and speak up when you spot a safety issue.

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BMWC recently partnered with FactorLab to implement their SmartTagIt video Task Hazard Analysis software. Industry data shows that routine and informative conversations around the actual and potential hazards present reduce injuries and incidents on job sites. Craft supervisors film their pre-task planning meetings within the app, which is then shared across the organization for review. Utilizing this interactive video THA software has increased participation and ideas for improvement.

Brain Matters

Mental health in the construction industry is a growing concern that we can no longer afford to ignore. Studies have shown that the construction industry ranks second highest in suicide rates. Those working on construction sites typically experience higher levels of stress and anxiety than those in other industries. BMWC is proactive in addressing these concerns and is committed to creating a safe, encouraging workplace environment where employees can get the resources and support they need when facing mental health issues.

Mental Health Resources

Continue Learning

As the construction industry continues to adopt new practices, it’s important that workers remain aware of the latest developments and take all the necessary precautions to stay safe. BMWC hosts safety meetings that aim to encourage open communication about hazards, learn about the challenges that workers are facing, and provide valuable resources on new strategies. By doing so, our employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be safer on the field.

Take Action

Creating effective programs that offer ways for team members to act on safety helps improve and strengthen company culture. BMWC holds high standards when it comes to safety. That’s why all team members are made aware of the systems that are in place to report an incident without fear of being reprimanded. In fact, a safety program called Project Intercept was enacted to encourage and recognize those who prevent a potential injury by reporting a hazard.

Thank You

As Construction Safety Week comes to a close, it’s important to remember that safety on the job shouldn’t stop here!

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