Construction Inclusion Week: Day 4

A work environment that fosters respect is not only more inclusive but also helps employees feel valued. BMWC is proud of the culture that has helped shape the company over the last 67 years. The newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Committee comprises leaders within the company that help provide insight into best practices that should be followed to ensure the workplace culture is safe for all individuals.

Group of construction workers with orange hi vis vests standing on jobsite with hardhats: Daily Topic Workplace Culture Construction Inclusion Week

Businesses should encourage people to share their life experiences because doing so helps create a more productive and happier organizational culture. Construction Inclusion Week is devoted to bringing awareness to the importance of being inclusive. In doing so, people will feel seen, heard, and respected, making employees more satisfied with their jobs.

How to cultivate respect in the workplace:

  • Treat people fairly and with dignity
  • Lead by example
  • Acknowledge employee’s accomplishments
  • Be honest when communicating with others

Disrespectful behaviors that should be avoided:

  • Gossiping or spreading rumors
  • Yelling, swearing, or being aggressive
  • Undermining an employee
  • Sexual harassment
  • Offensive or inappropriate jokes

Being a successful leader in the construction industry requires a commitment to respecting others. Doing so will ensure that everyone can perform their best work and deliver optimal results to clients.  

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