Women in Construction Week

Meet the Women of BMWC - Johnea Simpson

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, Johnea has been dedicated to leaving her imprint on the world of construction.

“From a young age, I’ve always enjoyed the creativity in learning,” Johnea says, reminiscing about her childhood spent exploring construction sites with her dad. Those early experiences fueled her passion and laid the foundation for her future in the construction industry. “Construction was like solving a puzzle to me. Each piece builds off the previous,” she muses, highlighting the intricate nature of her work.

“For me, construction is about more than just building structures. It’s about building communities,” Johnea asserts. Her vision extends beyond bricks and mortar, encompassing the transformative power of construction in shaping societies. “A rendering becomes a hospital that saves lives, a hotel that draws tourism, a public library that brings new opportunities,” she elaborates, highlighting the profound sense of pride she has in her work.

When asked about the unique contributions women bring to the industry, Johnea says “Perspective is key; perspective is everything.” Elaborating further, she states “Navigating the world with a different lens as a woman provides valuable insight. A woman entering the field naturally brings a refresh to the status quo.”

Armed with innovation and a commitment to challenge the norm, Johnea encourages her peers to embrace their voices and advocate for change. “Ask the hard questions. Challenge the conventional and invent the unconventional,” she states. “If it scares you, you are probably doing something right!”

To Johnea, construction represents more than erecting buildings; it’s about building dreams, aspirations, and a more inclusive future. As we honor the contributions of women in construction this week, we celebrate women like Johnea who dare to dream, disrupt, and define the future of an industry poised for transformation.

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