Women in Construction Week

Meet the Women of BMWC - Kim White

In a candid interview, construction professional Kim White shares her journey from an electronics background to becoming a Certified Weld Inspector and respected member of the Local 440 in Indianapolis, IN.

Kim’s introduction into the construction industry wasn’t conventional. Armed with two associate degrees – one in electronics and another in Applied Science – she initially ventured into electronics in Louisville, KY. She transitioned to quality control and later to welding, a move driven by earning potential.

“I welded for 25-plus years,” Kim says, highlighting a commitment to mastering her craft. Her career took a pivotal turn when she joined Local 440 as an apprentice. Her 17 years with the union began in pipefitting and led to her pursuing her CWI, a role she has embraced for the past decade.

Kim says, “The thing I enjoy the most is the people I meet and using my skills to help build projects that will be standing for many years in the future,” underscoring a sense of pride and fulfillment in her work.

For women contemplating a career in construction, Kim offers this advice: “Get as much education as you can and experience. Work hard and don’t give up until you achieve your goals and keep striving to the next level.” Her words of encouragement reflect her journey of perseverance and continual self-improvement.

Kim’s journey embodies the grit, dedication, and unwavering spirit that drives the construction industry, serving as an inspiration for future generations and highlighting how passion and persistence can transform both careers and communities.

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