Women in Construction Week

Meet the Women of BMWC - Ashley Hauenstein

In a chat with Ashley, a proud member of Pipefitters Local Union 776 and Foreman at the Ohio Fab Shop, we got a peek into her journey to the construction world. From family roots to her favorite parts of the job, Ashley shared her insights on life in the construction industry.

Ashley’s story begins with her dad, who paved her way into the trade. “My dad was also in the trade, that’s how I learned about the construction industry,” she says. Since joining Local 776 in 2005, Ashley’s journey has been filled with growth and learning, resulting in her current leadership role.

When asked what keeps her going, Ashley does not hesitate to say layout and fabrication. “I love getting my hands dirty and seeing projects from start to finish,” she says. For her, it’s not just about the work; it’s about witnessing the collective achievements of everyone involved.

Ashley believes women have an opportunity to make a distinct contribution in construction. “Women bring a level of organization and well-thought-out decision-making,” she explains, highlighting the importance of diverse perspectives in the field.

For women eyeing a career in construction, Ashley’s advice is simple yet powerful: “Take in all the knowledge provided to you.” She also emphasizes the rewards, both mentally and financially, that come with a career in construction and encourages women to explore opportunities within the industry.

Reflecting on memorable moments from her construction journey, Ashley could not pick just one to share. “You spend a lot of time together on these jobs, forming bonds that feel like family and creating memories that stick with you forever,” she shared

Ashley’s story isn’t just about pipes and fittings; it’s about reshaping a traditionally male-dominated field. As women like Ashley continue to carve their paths, their stories inspire and next generation to pick up their tools and leave their mark!

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