Women in Construction Week

Meet the Women of BMWC - Hannah Higdon

Born and raised in Southern California, Hannah’s passion for construction blossomed during her college years at Boise State University, where she pursued a degree in mechanical engineering.

Her journey began with internships, where she gained experience in seismic bracing and metal fabrication as a tube bender. However, it was a chance encounter with BMWC at a career fair that sparked her interest. “BMWC Constructors immediately caught my attention due to how warm and welcoming the recruiters were,” she said. ”BMWC felt like it was a family and that it valued its people.”

Hannah started her career at BMWC as a Project Engineer at a confidential semiconductor facility in Oregon leading to her current project in Arizona. Hannah’s path has been marked by continuous growth and learning. Recounting her experiences, she shared, “Jumping into this industry was such a learning process, it made work fun and interesting since it was always something new every day.”

For Hannah, the allure of construction lies in its dynamic nature, where adaptability and quick thinking are paramount. She remarked, “The construction industry is fluid. Always changing, you have to be able to think on your feet and adapt to every situation thrown at you. Therefore being fluid yourself.”

When asked about her fondest memories, Hannah doesn’t hesitate to say the team lunches held during the Roadrunner project. “No matter how much stress was going on with the job, I always felt like when we went and sat down together, there was nothing to worry about anymore,” she says. “Many laughs and stories were shared, making the team even closer.”

For women considering a career in construction, Hannah offers this advice: be authentic and assertive. “It is intimidating walking into a trailer full of men, but people value and appreciate authenticity,” she says. “I would also say to stick up for yourself when necessary. Just because women are the minority in this field of work, does not mean we deserve any less amount of respect.”

Hannah’s journey shines a spotlight on the perseverance and drive of women in the construction industry. By challenging conventional norms, she serves as an inspiration for others to fearlessly pursue their ambitions. Through her dedication and hard work, she is actively paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in construction.

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